An Interface Strip Preconditioner for Domain Decomposition Methods Application to Hydrology

Rodrigo R. Paz, Mario Alberto Storti


In this paper, the efficiency of a parallelizable preconditioner for
domain decomposition methods in the context of the solution of
non-symmetric linear equations arising from discretization of the
Saint-Venant equations, is investigated. The proposed interface strip
preconditioner (IS) is based on solving a problem in a narrow strip
around the interface. It requires much less memory and computing time
than classical Neumann­Neumann preconditioner, and handles
correctly the flux splitting among sub-domains that share the
interface. The performance of this preconditioner is assessed with an
analytical study of Schur complement matrix eigenvalues and numerical
experiments conducted in a parallel computational environment
(consisting of a Beowulf cluster of 20 nodes). [To appear in Int. J Num. Meth. Engng. ]

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