High Performance Simulations of Electrokinetic Flow and Transport in Microfluidic Chips

Pablo Kler, Lisandro Dalcín, Fabio Ariel Guarnieri, Mario Alberto Storti


This article discusses high performance numerical simulations of electroki- netic flow and transport phenomena in microfluidic chips. Modeling grounds on conservation equations of mass, momentum and electric charge in the framework of continuum mechanics. Two examples of interest in microfluidics are consid- ered as study cases. Three dimension effects and whole chip geometries are taking into account. All numerical simulations presented are performed with PETSc-FEM within a Python programming environment employing parralel computing. Computation time and parallel efficiency are measured in order to study additive Schwarz method performance as domain decomposition technique in solving common ill-conditioned microfluidics problems. [Submitted to Comp. Method in Applied Mech Engng]

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