Projeto Estrutural De Prótese Implanto-Suportada Fixa, Utilizando Modelagem Por Elementos Finitos E Experimentação Com Strain Gauge.

E. A. Capello Sousa, J. H. Rubo, M. S. Moura


In the present article the stresses are analyzed on framework of prostheses fixed by
implants. This stress is determinant to clinical success of osseointegrated implants. Are
necessary determinate distributions of stress at all implants. There are some approaches to
calculate these structural forces, through the computational methods and experimental
techniques. In this case, was used the two techniques, with Finite Element Model and strain
gauge measurements. The typical mandibular fixed complete arch framework was positioned
on a master cast. The strain gauge were fixed up and down of the cantilever beam, and near
of the external abutment. A vertical load was applied on the cantilever, and strain is obtained
through strain gauges. In addition, a Finite Element model was constructed to analyses stress,
in same measurement region of the strain gauge, on the experimental prototype. The results
obtained by experimental model, with strain gauge, and by computational model, using Finite
Element, were in agreement. The results demonstrated the precision between the Element
Finite model and experimental results, with strain gauge. Also, are showed the influence of
change of the force about cantilever and stress level on framework of the prostheses.

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