Structural Optimization Of Stiffened Shells Using Evolutionary Algorithms.

M. Papadrakakis, N. D. Lagaros, M. M. Fragiadakis


The optimum design of stiffened shell structures is the main objective of this paper.
Combinatorial optimization methods and more specifically algorithms based on evolution
strategies are implemented for the solution of the optimization problem. Three optimization
types have been considered: sizing, sizing combined with shape and sizing combined with
shape and topology. The efficiency of evolution strategies for solving optimization problems
of real-scale stiffened shell structures under design codes is examined. For the discretization
of the stiffened shell structures the TRIC (TRIangular Composite) and BEC (BEam
Composite) elements have been used. TRIC is a simple but sophisticated 3-node sheardeformable
isotropic and composite facet shell element suitable for large-scale linear and
nonlinear structural behaviour of complex shell structures, while BEC is a 2-node isotropic,
composite shear-deformable beam element in space.

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