Simulación Numérica Del Proceso De Solidificación De La Fundición Dúctil

Patricia M. Dardati, Diego J. Celentano, Luis A. Godoy, Roberto E. Boeri


This paper reports on a thermo-micro structural model for the simulation of the
process of solidification of an eutectic ductile cast iron. The thermal balance is written at a
macroscopic level and takes into account both the structural component being cast and its
mold. The resulting formulation is solved using the finite element method. Models of
nucleation and growth represent the evolution of the microstructure, and the micro
segregation of silicon is also considered. The numerical results are presented in terms of
cooling curves and are compared with experimental values. Furthermore, the sensitivity of
the model response with respect to changes in certain parameters, such as the cooling rate
and nucleation constants, are performed. The differences between experimental and
computational values are discussed and ways to improve the computational model are

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