Numerical And Experimental Analysis Of Ice Melting In Water

Cristian A. Peña, Marcela A. Cruchaga, Diego J. Celetano


The numerical simulation of ice melting in water considering temperaturedependent
material properties and phase-change effects is proposed in this work. The
governing differential equations (continuity, linear momentum and energy) are spatially
discretized within the finite element method together with a implicit Euler scheme for the time
derivatives. The melting of ice initially at –4.3 ºC and surrounded by water at approximately
15 ºC is particularly studied. The effects of variable properties, the incidence of natural
convection and different environmental transfer conditions are analyzed with the aim of
computing the temperature evolution at various points of the domain. Moreover, the model is
validated by comparing the obtained predictions with experiments carried out in the context
of this work.

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