Optimization Of A Mesh Generation Technique For Pipe Connections

Claudio E. Jouglard, José M. Pereiras


In this work we present an optimization of a mesh generation technique for pipe
connections. Several stress analyses are made on these types of connections using a
commercial finite element code with meshes supplied by the user. To facilitate the generation
of these meshes a program was developed that generates a basic parameterized mesh
composed of quadrilateral superelements, which are refined for each analysis. The user must
specify the number of subdivisions in each superelement direction for each superelement. To
optimize this process, minimizing user interventions, we employ isotropic and anisotropic
refinement indicators. In the oil industry an important point is the analysis of the contact
pressures at the connections. In the numerical examples presented we can appreciate the
importance of the mesh refinement procedure to obtain accurate values of these pressures.

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