On the Variation of Dynamic Properties of a Full-Scale 3-Story Reinforced Concrete Flat-Plate Building

Fabián A. Consuegra, Ayhan Irfanoglu


A full-scale three-story reinforced concrete flat-plate building is to be subjected to a series of quasi-static load cycles. At various stages of the quasi-static test corresponding to different damage levels, dynamic tests in the forms of free and forced vibrations, ambient vibrations and modal impact-hammer tests will be performed to collect low-amplitude dynamic response data from the building. These data will be used to estimate linear dynamic characteristic parameters of the building. This paper presents some preliminary results from the structure in its initial, undamaged condition. In particular, data on natural frequencies, modal shapes, shear wave velocity, story stiffnesses and damping ratios are provided and discussed. It is also shown that at the very low displacement levels, the undamaged structure exhibits non-linear elastic behavior. In the future when the testing part is completed, the experimental data will be used to try to establish a relationship between damage sustained by the building and change in its dynamic properties. Dynamic parameter(s) that correlate best with damage will be investigated as well.

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