Vibración Transversal de Estructuras Debido a Desprendimientos de Vórtices Generados por Viento

Daniel Abrosini, Rodolfo F. Danesi, Rodolfo Danesi


An efficient scheme is proposed for the analysis of free-standing guyed structures subjected to random wind loading, by using a numerical integration method in the frequency domain. The physical model of the structure is based on a general beam formulation. In addition, a linear viscoelastic constitutive law was incotpOrated and the fast Fourier transform algorithm (FFf) was used in order to work in the frequency domain.
A simulation process was used to model the wind load. The method proposed was presented for the case of along-wind vibration in previous papers and, in this work, the lateral vibration due to vortex shedding is presented. Finally, numerical examples are presented in order to show the capabilities of the models proposed

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