Simulación Numérica del Análisis Sísmico Estático en Edificios según INPRES-CIRSOC 103

Patricia M. Bellés, H. J. Marcos, S. L. González


earthquake resistant structures using the equivalent static method applied to single degree off freedom systems. In particular, INPRES-CIRSOC 103 [1] proposes the use of this
simplified method for buildings meeting certain regularity criteria. In the Technical Publication N"16 of INPRES [2], a numerical example is developed with the purpose of
orienting the code users to a comlct interpretation of its indications.
In the present paper various different structural models and load cases are presented for the mentioned example. The influence of masonry infill walls in the calculus of internal
forces is analized. Also finite element models and loads proposed by the code are studied, with and without masonry infill walls. The results obtained for the different models are

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