Interaction between a Viscous Fluid and a Central Solid Cylindrical Core Confined in Cylindrical Shell

Domingos S. Aguiar, Jolio C. Menezes


The transient motion of a cylindrical vessel, interacting with a viscous fluid and central solid cylindrical core. is simulated using the Finite Element Method. The transient coupled dynamics problem is solved with the aid of the Newmark average acceleration procedure for the shell and in the
case of fluid element, Euler's Backward Difference scheme was utilised. For the theoretical investigation, calculations are performed to determine the displacement, velocity and acceleration of points along the outer cylinder wall, which is closed at the bottom and open at the top, following the initial force, which is a linear function of the distance from the base. A monotonically decaying harmonic response typical of a damped system is observed and, from this, estimates of the natural frequencies of the coupled system are made.

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