Modelo Termo-Químico de Hidratación del Hormigón

Tomás Prato, Miguel Cervera, Javier Oliver


A mathematical model, based on the theory of reactive porous media, capable to represent the setting and hardening phenomenon of concrete at early ages is presented in
this srudy.A coupled transient thermo-chemical analysis provides the description of the evolution of temperatures, where the hydration heat is a function of the acrual
temperature and the degree of hydration. An aging model is proposed for determining the enhancement of compressive strength. Relations between the elastic modulus and Poisson's ratio with the compressive strength are assumed to remain constant during the hydration of cement, obtaining in this way the description of the evolution of such properties during the whole reaction process. The model is calibrated with adiabatic
experimental data. The validity of the proposed model, when curing conditions are changed, is demonstrated through the description of the evolution of the mechanical properties in an isothermal experiment. Finally some applications on real strucrures are presented.

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