Simulador Dinámico no Lineal de Generadores de Vapor con Recirculación Natural

E. J. Adam, J. L. Marchetti


This paper presents a dynamic simulator of water-in-tube boilers with natural recirculatIon, the kind of equipments widely used in industries for steam generation either
as a source of power or for providing heating capabilities in process plants. The development is based on a combination of two non-linear models, one for the evaporation in the vertical tubes and the other for the phase separation in the steam drum. Each model consists of a set of simultaneous algebraic and differential equations representing the main
principles and relationships for describing the physical problem. As an application example, the boiler of a 30 Mwthermoelectric power plant is simulated and the results are
discussed. The dynamic responses of all variables show the consistency of this representation with the expected behavior, including the effects of a PI level control adjusted using classic Ziegler-Nicholstuning rules.

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