Dendritic Segregation of Steel Alloys in Continuous Casting Processes

Mario A. Storti, Norberto N. Nigro, Sergio R. Idelsohn


Continuous casting alloys solidification is macroscopically governed by fluid flow, heat transfer, mass transfer and double diffusion phenomena.
From a metallurgical point of view some of the main problems
are the prediction of micro and macrosegregation, volumetric
shrinkage and porosity formation. In order to solve the set of conservation equations corresponding to flow, heat and mass balances it is neccesary to model the two phase flow appearing at the mushy region. In this work we have adopted a continuum model presented by Choudhary and Mazumdar adding an algebraic turbulence model for liquid phase. We present several test problems and a sensitivity analysis for different operation parameters.

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