Vibraciones de una Placa Ortótropa Cantilever: Solución Mediante el Método de Rayleigh-Ritz Optimizado y Comparación con Elementos Finitos

Patricio A. A. Laura, Diana V. Bambill, Raúl E. Rossi, Fernando De la Calle, Diego Concolino


of rectangular, cantilever, orthotropic plates is determined by means of the optimized Rayleigh-Ritz method using a pseudo-Fourier expansion of the type:
sin2 (π.x/γ2.a) cos(π.y/γ1.b) γ1, γ2 >1
The fundamental frequency coefficient is optimized with the respect to the r's. It is shown that the results are in good agreement with the predictions of a finite element code.

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