Modelo de Maxilar Humano

Claudio A. Careglio


Due to the load factors, present during the flight, the pilots suffer of pathologies of the temporomaxilar articulation. To study the present efforts in this articulation a method it was
deVeloped to represent in CAD the inferior maxillary starting from a model of plaster. In the first place it was built an experimental model, to verifY that the method was adapted. Then the pattern of definitive plaster was made to build the geometric pattern in Mechanical Desktop and to care him to MSC_Nastran to find, for the method of fmite elements, the
efforts and displacements in the maxillary one. In this analysis they were of particular importance the displacements in the temporomaxilar articulation, because they are one of the causing of the lesions in this area.

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