Análisis Dinámico de Placas Rectangulares con Apoyos Lineales Intermedios Parciales Rectos o Curvos

Marta B. Rosales, Carlos P. Filipich, Mario R. Escalante


The natural frequencies of rectangular plates with one or more lines of partial, intermediate, supports, straight or curved, are herein obtained using an original variational methodology of the authors named WEM (Whole Element Method). The intermediate supports are taken into account by means of extended trigonometric series with the addition of
Lagrange Multipliers. Two variaItts of restriction models are explored: The nullity condition for the work of the force along the support line, and as a variation the nullity of the directional tangent which present some relative advantage regarding the computational time. Several numeral examples are included. The frequencies are obtained with arbitrary
precision. Comparison is made with results from other authors (complete intermediate supports) and with FEM when dealing with partial supports.

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