Ajuste de Modelos Digitales de Elevación en Base a Puntos Medidos en el Terreno

Pablo A. Euillades, Víctor A. Bonfils, Mauro H. Blanco, Marcelo J. Vénere


Digital Elevation Model (DEM) construction from satellite imagery allows high resolution topographic mapping. Nevertheless, errors can significantly affect topographic data acquired at an altitude of 800 kIn. Here, a correction method based on ground control points (OCP) is proposed.
The method comprises: 1)the application of a rigid shift which minimizes misfit to the data in a least squares sense, and 2)the application of an elastic deformation so that every OCP is moved to a position of zero error. Between the measured points, the displacement is calculated using interpolation techniques. The proposed method is applied to real data from a stereoscopic DEM corrected using 28 ground control points.

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