Descarga Estacionaria de Silos. Modelos Constitutivos Basados en la Mecánica de Fluidos no Newtonianos

Sergio A. Elaskar, Luis A. Godoy


The flow of granular materials and powders produced by gra.vitational force in silos is simulated with a viscoplastic formulation. We present in this paper two models based in the Perzyna's equation of viscoplasticity. The material is considered as a non-Newtonian fluid with viscosity dependent of the constitutive parameters (internal friction, (cohesion and fluidity), and dinamic (pressure, and the second invariant of the velocity of deformation tensor).
The problem is solved by finite elements. We used penalization functions in plane and simetric geometries. The iterative process is considered in the non-lineal problem.
The principal goal is to find the pressure on the walls of the silos.

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