Solución del Flujo en Canales y del Flujo de Agua Subterránea Usando un Modelo Acoplado en Elementos Finitos

Leticia B. Vionnet, Carlos A. Vionnet


In this work a finite element model that couples open channel flow and ground-water flow is presented. The mathematical formulation of the groundwater flow is based on the theory of flow through porous media while the open
channel flow is simulated by means of the kinema.tic wave approximation. It is shown that the coupling term arises naturally from the weak formulation of the governing equations making it necessary to introduce a branch cut in the computational domain, contrary to its standard treatment as a source term. The solution of the ground-water flow equation is accomplished with the Bubnov-
Galerkin method, with triangular elements and a linear approximation of the hydraulic head. The kinematic wave equation is solved using a Petrov-Galerkin formulation instead. The model is finaly applied to a real problem with highly satisfactory results.

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