Mejoramiento de Técnicas Espectrales para la Separación de Anomalías Gravimétricas Regionales y Residuales

Beatriz Introcaso, Fernando Guspí


The aim of this work is to separate regional and residual observed gravity anomalies from their power spectrum. In this way, we fit the coefficients in a linear combination of exponentials representing the calculated spectrum in order
to obtain an estimate of the causative masses and depths. We are attempting to find out an analytic method where results, apart from reliable, do not depend on the interpreter bias, and so the values for an initial approximation were obtained using Prony's method. After this, we have fitted the spectrum logarithmic curve by applying an inversion algorithm.
We have tested the proposed method with Bouguer gravity anomaly profiles across the Bengal basin (India) and the Salado basin (Buenos Aires). Results are consistent with the geological models proposed for these areas.

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