Campo de Validez de Teorías Aproximadas para la Respuesta Dinámica de Barras con no Linealidad Física y Geométrica

Oscar Möller, Marcelo Rubinstein


The behaviour of elastic plastic bars is anaiysed under static or dynamic transversal loads . It is assesed the field application of approximate beam flexion and cable theories with regard to the "exact" theory which includes flexural and axial stiffness with geometrical and material nonlinearities.
A mathematical model is pre.ented using updated Lagrangian description and the numerical solution is
obtained through an incremental iterative proce.s with Newmark method and modified Newton Raphson scheme.
Examples of bars. with different .Iender ratios and types of loadings are analysed . Results of dynamic behaviour are justified through energetic principles. The discussion of approximate theories performance is carried out with regard to the slender ratio and practical results are obtained.

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