Influencia de la Interacción Suelo-Estructura en la Respuesta Dinámica de Estructuras

Ricardo D. Ambrosini, Rodolfo F. Danesi, Jorge D. Riera


The evaluation of the importance of soil-structure interaction on the most important design variables, such as base shear force and bending moment, constitute the main objective of this paper. For this purpose, a parametric study, with 3 building and 3 acceleration
records, was made.
A general beam formulation was adopted to represent the physical model of the structure. In addition, a linear viscoelastic constitutive law was incorporated. A lumped parameter model based on homogeneous, isotropic and elastic haIfspace theory. was adopted to represent the
soil and the interaction mechanisms. This model can represent the coupling between torsional and flexural vibration modes. Moreover, a comparison with a model of no embedded foundation, greatly used in the professional practice. was made.
Finally. the general judgment to include or neglect the soil-structure interaction effects in the seismic analysis of rectangular prismatic building, was explicited.

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