Resolución por Elementos Finitos de las Ecuaciones de Navier-Stokes en 3-D Incorporando un Modelo Simple de Flujo a Dos Fases

Norberto M. Nigro, Mario A. Storti, Sergio R. Idelsohn


In this work we applied the theoretical results [9) about the resolution by FEM of the two phase flows Navier-Stokes equations. We describe briefly the numerical scheme employed.
Further we comment the simulation with the other gaseous phase. The interaction between them is expressed by a simplified model that neglect the inertial effects of the gaseous phase considering that the coupling is produced by the flotation of the gaseous bubbles. The friction between the two phases is computed by the independent bubbles hypothesis and we assumed
Navier-Stokes equations for the fluid. The goal is applying this code in the simulation of ladle furnace stirred by an inert gas, an important problem in the metallurgy industries. Finally we show some results to this problem.

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