Elastoplasticidad Micropolar de Microplanos Modelo de Von Mises y Drucker Prager

Marcela Nieto, Guillermo Etse


This work aims extend the micropolar theory in the framework of the microplane concept, to include more accurate information on the complex microestructure of engineering materials. Capable of reproducing experimental results of concrete specimens, the microplane model includes anisotropic response in a natural and conceptually simple and explicit way. Within this paper, the macroscopic constitutive equation derived by kinematically constraining the microplane strains to the macroscopic strain tensor is considered for a microplane-based plasticity to Von Mises and Druker Prager Models. Thereby, the micro plane laws are chosen such that the macroscopic Clausius-Duhem inequality is fully satisfied. This theoretical framework is considered to derive both elastic and elastoplastic micro polar micro plane models. Furthermore, the localization criterion is analysed, indicating locally the onset of localization in terms of the acoustic tensor. The second condition of localization in Cosserat Continuous will be developed. Several examples demonstrate the features of the microplane model in predicting the material behavior of concrete.

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