Gid Problem Type For The Lagrangian Analysis Of Fluid Flows.

Julio Marti, Gerardo Frank, Facundo Del Pin, Sergio Idelsohn


The objective of this work is the programming of a problem type which configures
GID for the pre-process of data that will be used in a fluid mechanic program. This program
differs from the traditional Eulerian programs in that a particle fully Lagrangian formulation
is implemented. Thus, in writing the problem type special considerations have to be taken
regarded to boundary conditions and to the fact that no mesh is needed as input in the
calculus program. The nodes generated by GID will be taken as the particles in the initial
state of the problem. The Lagrangian program will store the states at different time steps such
that they can be read by the GID post-process for a posteriori analysis of the results.

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