Simulation of Wave Propagation in Semi-Infinite Domains Using the Finite Difference Method on a GPU Based on Cluster

Marcelo P. M. Zamith, Diego N. Brandão, Mauricio Kischinhesvky, Regina Célia P. Leal-Toledo, Otton T. Silveira Filho, Esteban W. G. Clua, Anselmo A. Montenegro, André Bulcão


The scattering of acoustic waves has been considered of pratical interest for many areas. Relevant works are reported in geophysics, medical images, structures’ damage identification, etc. This work applies the finite difference method to simulate the scattering of acoustic waves in semi-infinite nonhomogeneous media. Solving these problems can demand a high computational effort and, in some cases, make the proposed simulation impractical. The approach through high performance computing, using tools as MPI (Message Passing Interface) and GPUs (Graphic Processor Units ), can soften this limitation. This work proposes a solution of such problem by using a heterogeneous cluster based on GPUs, taking advantage of its high level of parallelism. Computational results illustrate the viability of the adopted approach.

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