Simulation Of Wandering Phenomena In Bubble Plumes Via A K-Є Model And A Large-Eddy-Simulation (Les) Approach.

Fabián A. Bombardelli, Gustavo C. Buscaglia, Enzo A. Dari, Marcelo H. García


In this paper, we focus on numerical simulations of the wandering phenomenon in
bubble plumes, obtained with a new comprehensive model. The theoretical model has been
developed from the theory of multi-component fluids. We have implemented that model in a
finite-element, parallel platform.
After a brief discussion about the theoretical/numerical model, we describe and analyze the
simulations of the wandering motion using the k-_ model. We show that this solution replicates
wandering only for a relatively short period of time. The reasons for this fact are analyzed.
Then, we present results obtained with the use of a Large-Eddy-Simulation (LES) approach.
These results notably mimic observations of bubble plume wandering without any restriction.
Finally, we employ the unsteady results of the LES approach to perform a detailed analysis
of turbulence in bubble plumes.

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