Devolpment and Validation of a Numerical Model for Controlled Intravaginal Drug Releasing Devices

Santiago Márquez Damián, R. Nicolás Mariano, Norberto M. Nigro, Ricardo J.A. Grau


Controlled Intravaginal Drug Releasing (CIDR) devices are often used in veterinary science to synchronize cattle estrus. Design process of such devices is strongly based on laboratory and field experimentation. In this scenario, model development is an attractive work since it reduces experimental research time and allows discard preliminary designs and material properties in an easy way. In this line, device re-engineering is an active field of work, looking for lower residual loads, better drug releasing control and lower costs.
Based on a novel mathematical model early proposed, a numerical model is developed using a Finite Volume discretization in order to give an effective tool in CIDR re-engineering and design. The model requires coupling between Partial Differential Equations and Ordinary Differential Equations with nonlinear sources which represents a big challenge. Moreover, proper discretization leads to highly refined unstructured meshes being necessary the use of parallel solvers. Taking into account this requirements, implementation via OpenFOAMR libraries is carried out and a parallel solver is obtained. Mathematical model is presented with its physical, mathematical and numerical assumptions. On the other hand software implementation details are also discussed. Finally, numerical and experimental results are compared showing good agreement.

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