Numerical Simulation of Bubbly Two-Phase Flow Using Eulerian-Eulerian Model

Santiago F. Corzo, Santiago Márquez Damián, Damian Ramajo, Norberto M. Nigro


An accurate prediction of void generation and phase distribution on heat transfer under sub-cooled boiling regime is required in many industrial and laboratory applications. In this paper a onedimensional code was implemented in order to study the mass and heat transfer amount phases during high heat transfer in water-steam systems. To obtain a well-postulated model, in a first step it was implemented a one-dimensional Eulerian-Eulerian two-fluid model. Attention was focused on the interfacial momentum exchange between phases caused by drag efforts. The two-fluid model implemented was
generated following the solvers and libraries implemented on CFD OpenFOAM
R code due to its full access, easy solver generation and modification. Finally, a mechanistic model from literature to predict sub-cooled boiling and bulk condensation is implemented and assessed with experimental data. This paper presents the constitutive relations implemented and highlighting the mechanistic model for mass exchange prediction.

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