Stochastic Analysis of an Electromechanical Coupled System with Embarked Mass

Roberta de Queiroz Lima, Rubens Sampaio


The objective of this paper is to analyze the behavior of embarked vibro systems considering the existence of epistemic uncertainties in the systems parameters. Two different systems were studied.
The first one is composed by a cart whose motion is excited by a DC motor and the second, a pendulum is added into this cart and can have a relative motion with respect to the cart. The electrical motor is modeled as a limited source of power and, its influence in the dynamic behavior of the two systems
are considered. The coupling between the motor and the cart is made by a mechanism called scotch yoke, so that the motor rotational motion is transformed in horizontal cart motion. The influence of the pendulum embarked in the cart was investigated and it is presented an analysis of the coupling force.
In the stochastic analysis, an uncertain parameter is modeled as random variable and, the Maximum Entropy Principle is used to construct its probability model. Monte Carlo simulations are employed to compute the mean and the 90% confidence interval of the displacements of the pendulum, of the cart and of the angular speed of the motor shaft.

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