Damage Evaluation and Model Updating of a Retrofitted Reinforced Concrete Frame with G-FRP

Francisco A. Calderón, Gustavo L. Palazzo, Arnaud Deraemaeker, Roberto Aguiar Falconi


This paper considers basic system identifications techniques, without measurement of the excitation, in a reinforced concrete frame. The objective is to obtain experimental parameters, which permit to update a numerical model. The paper was development in three stages. Tests of the frame in a shaking table were the first stage. The frame was subject to dynamic actions, and then was retrofitted with fiber-reinforced polymers. Afterwards, it was again subject to dynamic actions. The system identifications tests were the second stage. With simple methodologies, frequencies and damping rates were obtained in the structure with and without retrofitting, after different amplitudes of the dynamic actions. And the last stage was about the model updating. A parameter of the finite element model of the structure was updating until the numerical response was close the experimental response. In the conclusions, the possibilities of the system identification technique applied to obtain reliable numerical model are discussed.

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