CFD Simulation of the RD-14M Steam Generator Using Two-Fluid Model

Santiago F. Corzo, Dario M. Godino, Norberto M. Nigro, Damian E. Ramajo


A Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation of the secondary circuit of a steam generator test facility was carried out. The multi-phase flow was studied using the two-fluid Eulerian model. A constant boiling rate was assumed over the U-tubes walls (excepting the pre-heater) and a blending model was applied for solving the interface momentum exchange. Due to the few amount of U-tubes, geometric simplifications were avoided, thus giving a fully representation of the geometry. Steady-state conditions were simulated focusing obtain the re-circulation flow rate, the collapsed liquid level and the void distribution. Especial effort was also devoted to determinate the phase velocities, void fraction, pressure drop and the interfacial interaction inside the different parts of the steam generator. Results were in very good agreement with design nominal data.

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