Parametric and Uncertainty Quantification Analyses of Overhead Transmission Lines with Cross Rope Structures

Bruno J. Rango, Marta B. Rosales


The present article is part of a project related to the evaluation of the structural behavior of Overhead Transmission Lines (OTL) with Cross-Rope (CR) supporting towers. This matter is of great importance for the Argentinian energy transmission grid, given that CR towers were adopted as the type of structures to be used in all the new overhead transmission projects, starting in 2006. In effect, the implementation of CR structures in OTL is prominent all over the world, due to a series of convenient features that they exhibit. In a previous article, the authors outlined the derivation of an efficient model for the computational simulation of the dynamic response of OTLs with CR structures under synoptic wind load fields, in the context of parametric and uncertainty quantification analyses. Thus, in the present work, that model is implemented to perform the type of analyses it was conceived for. In this way, it is possible to evaluate the sensitivity of its nonlinear dynamic response to certain structural parameters. On that basis, stochastic models are constructed in order to conduct uncertainty quantification studies. The results are then employed to derive stochastic robust models of the structural dynamic response.

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