Numerical Modelling Of The Concurrent Effect Of Solid Deformation And Melt Flowon Heat And Solute Transfer In Binary Alloys, With Application To The Secondary Cooling Stage Of Steel Slabs Continuous Casting.

Victor D. Fachinotti, Steven Le Corre, Michel Bellet


We introduce a thermo-mechanical and macrosegregation model that considers a solidifying
alloy as a binary mixture made of a liquid and a solid phase. Macroscopic conservation laws
for mass, momentum and solute are obtained by spatial averaging of the respective microscopic
conservation equations. Assuming local thermal equilibrium, a single equation for the conservation
of the mixture energy is then written. A single equation can be obtained for the solute as
well by invoking a proper microsegregation rule. The numerical implementation in a 2D finite
element code is then detailed. In order to validate the two-phase mechanical model, an academic
problem is solved. Lastly, an industrial application for continuous casting of steel slabs
is shown, where the ability of the formulation to describe the formation of central macrosegregation
during the secondary cooling of slab continuous casting processes is enlightened.

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