Elementos Finitos Generalizados (Gfem) Na Análise De Placas E Cascas Laminadas.

Oscar A. Garcia, Eduardo A. Fancello, Paulo Tarso R. Mendonça


An application of the Generalized Finite Element Method (GFEM) to laminated com-
posite plates and shells problems is presented in this work. Two kinematical models are
considered: the Mindlin-type model, known as rst order model, and a third order model
with deformable thickness. The approximation space is hierarquically constructed follow-
ing the main ideas of the GFEM using globals dened enrichment functions. In the case of
shells,the denition of an adequate support for the enrichment functions made it necessary
to introduce a special procedure in order to take into account curved surfaces in the 3D
physical space. Some examples illustrate the numerical performance of the model. Con-
vergence curves as well as locking analysis are compared with analytical solutions when

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