Análise Não-Linear De Estruturas Tensionadas

Maria del pilar Rodriguez Carneiro Gomez


The subject of this work is to present the structural analysis of a structure idealized by the
architect Maurício Lippi G. Dias. This structure is to cover a bicycle races stadium to be built in Bosque da
Barra in Rio de Janeiro. The structure has elliptical projection with 88m in smallest axis and 150m in
largest axis. The tensile structure is supported by cables connected to piles located around the elliptical
projection. The cables are connected to reinforced concrete foundations outside the elliptical projection.
Inside the surface and the cables are connected to a steel ring with 38m diameter located in one ellipse
focus. This work presents a finite elements model to design flexible structures by means of a specific
computer program prepared by the author. The computer program allows to make physical or geometrically
no-linear analysis. Incremental and iterative analyses are made to prepare the limit load curve. Results of
the analyses including ring tension, support reactions in the piles, cables tension efforts and the more
damaged areas in the surface located in the largest dimensions are presented.

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