Optimization Of Composite Plates And Shells Using A Genetic Algorithm And The Finite Element Method.

Felipe Schaedler de Almeida, Armando Miguel Awruch


An optimization technique, using a genetic algorithm, applied to plates and shells of
laminate composite materials is presented in this work. Two examples are analyzed. In the first case
weight and central deflection of a plate under a transverse pressure load are minimized, using as
optimization variables thickness and the fiber angle of each layer (in this case a factor is introduced in
the objective function in order to vary the relevance of each of the objectives to be minimized). In the
second case, the stiffness maximization of a cylindrical shell, under a transverse pressure load, and
with geometrically nonlinear behavior, is obtained using as optimization variable the fiber angle of
each layer. Some aspects such as the number of structural analyses required for each case (where the
finite element method is employed), as well as the algorithm reliability are also included, together with
the results obtained for both examples.

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