Dynamics Of Multibody Systems With Bond Graphs.

Germán Filippini, Diego Delarmelina, Jorge Pagano, Juan Pablo Alianak, Sergio Junco, Norberto Nigro


In this work a general multibody system theory is implemented within a bond graph
modeling framework. In classical mechanics several procedures exist by which differential
equations can be derived of a system of rigid bodies. In the case of large systems these
procedures are labor-intensive and consequently error-prone, unless they are computerized.
The bond graphs formalism allows for a unified modeling of multidisciplinary physical
systems. It is well-suited for a modular modeling approach based on physical principles. The
theory of multibody system dynamics in terms of bond graphs modeling is revisited with the
purpose of designing a multibond graph library for such systems. Several mechanical systems
undergoing large 3-dimensional rotations are numerically solved in order to validate this
software library written in 20-sim software.

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