Soluciones Variacionales y Numéricas del Problema de Vibraciones Transversales de Placas Circulares con Bordes Libres y Apoyos Concéntricos

Patricio A.A. Laura, Roberto H. Gutiérrez, Raúl E. Rossi, Sergio A. Vera, Daniel A. Vega, María E. Pronsato, Carolina Pistonesi


The problem of free vibrations of a circular plate with an intermediate circular support and a free edge was solved by
Bodine fifty years ago in a well known paper.
It has been shown recently by the authors of the present paper that Bodine´s results are, in general, inaccurate. In the
present study the authors review their research on the subject matter including the treatment of vibrating plates of
nonuniform thickness.

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