Estudio de una Estructura Compuesta por Dos Losas Curvas

Fernando Gomensoro, Federico P. Liseno, Federico Martín, Elvio Villafañe, Carlos García Garino


In the paper the strucutural analysis of a tank has been performed in order to compute strains and stresses. The
geometry is cylindrical shell fixed in the basis closed with a speherical dome. The tank is under internal pressure, a
linear one in the cylinder due to the hydrostatic pressure caused by the liquid and a constant pressure acts on the dome.
The shell was solved analitically following the textbook of Belluzzi [1]. There is no solution avalaible for the joint shell, consequently membranal solutions for the cylinder and the dome were computed under the above cited loads. The forces (M, N and Q) in the junctions were computed in order to compatibilize the displacements in the junction.
On the other hand the structure was numerically solved using the codes PCFEAP [2] and Elastico [3] both based on theFinite Element Method.
Finally a comparison of the different results obtained was done in order to asses the different techniques used in the

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