Teoría Constitutiva de Gradientes para Modelos Materiales Elastoplásticos

Guillermo Etse, Sonia Vrech


In this work the relevant equations of a gradient theory-based elastoplastic constitutive model and of the related algebrclicproblem for the solution of the stress increment in
the framework of the finite element method is presented. The gradient theory is one of the most successful strategy to bypass the well-known deficiency of the classical smeared cracked-based constitutive models, such as the strong mesh dependent of the post-peak behavior. This theory was recently proposed by Aifantes and further developed by de Borst, Steinmann among others. In this paper also the resulting equations of the finite clement formulation related with the application of the gradient theory at the constitutive level are presented and analyzed. The results here are the
first step for a consistent research program on computational simulations of static and dynamic localized failure modes in material and structures at the University of Tucuman.

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