Un Modelo Elestoplástico para Geomateriales con Grandes Deformaciones Plásticas

Ricardo Schiava, Guillermo Etse


The mechanical behavior of geomaterials have high complexity and variability, wich have been reported a large number of constitutive models, depending on different mathematical idealizations.
The pressure - dependent elasto-plastic models are considered as the most appropriate representations this behavior because of the existence of inelastic deformation of the materials subjected to shear stress orland volumetric pressure. Because the mathematical complexities this models, such as nonlinear elastic law and work plastic dissipation dependent hardening/softening law , resulting from
the complex nature implementation is not trivial.
The objetive of this paper is development an elasto-plastic models for frictional cohesive materials within the regime offmite deformation based in the "cone-cap" MRS-Lade models.

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