Calibración de Modelos Elastoplásticos en Régimen de Alto Confinamiento

Guillermo Etse, Domingo Sfer


In the nwneric simulations of cuasibritlle materials failure, the elostaplastics models are appropiated and realistic tools in order to reproduce the complex behavior of these materials under triaxial loads. One of the critics phenomena to be reproduced by the elastoplastic models is the volwnetric dilatance before the failure. This effect is reproduced by a non associate formulation which involve non simetric materials
The present work a new calibration method is proposed, this method is based in the localization theory in order to evalute non associatedelostaplastic fonnulations.
Experimentals results obtained by Sfer are used. With the method is possible to obtain crucial information about the non associativity property of the formulations in order to reproduce a reatistic volwnetric dllatance in high and low confinement regime. In this sense it be able to obtain more realistic strain stress response, and accurate predictions in the failure plane directions

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