Observaciones sobre un Modelo Acoplado Consituido por una E.D.P. Parabólica Semilineal y una E.D.O. - Liberación de Gas de Fisión en la Irradiación del UO2

Edgardo A. Moyano, Alberto F. Scarpettini


A coupled system of reaction-diffusion continuous equations with boundary and initial conditions is discretized by finite difference method.
In certain diffusion systems with interacting concentrations, the effect of the diffusion of some equation is negligible, and the coupled system is reduced to a parabolic semilinear equation and an ordinary equation.
The method of upper-lower solutions [1] for continuous equations is extended for numerical solutions. The idea is that using the "upper or lower solution" as the initial iteration, one can obtain a monotone sequence that converges to the unique solution of the problem.

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