Cálculo do Espalhamento Eletromagnético de Antenas Refletoras Modeladas por Facetas Triângulares

Márcio L. X. dos Santos, Conrado S. S. Zenun


A computer method to calculate the radiation pattern of an arbitrary shaped electromagnetic reflector surface is presented. The method uses a piecewise decomposition of the arbitrary electromagnetic reflector surface into planar triangle facets. The radiation integral is then computed over each individual triangular facet and the overall radiation pattern obtained through vector summation of all facet contributions to the radiated field at a given point. The surface current density on any planar facet of the modelled reflector is obtained by linear interpolation of the physical optics current density approximation computed on each vetex of the individual triangle. Radiation diagrams have been computed for parabolic, hyperbolic and spherical surfaces and for circular disks. Typical results obtained for the parabolic reflectors are given. These results show that the method can be used efficiently for the analysis and design of arbitrary shaped antenna reflectors.

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