Efecto de la no Linealidad Física del Suelo en la Respuesta Sísmica de Estructuras

Ricardo Daniel Ambrosini, Jorge Daniel Riera, Rodolfo Francisco Danesi


The main objective of this paper is to contribute to a quantification of the effect of the soil nonlinearity on the most important design variables in the seismic response of building structures with prismatic rectangular foundations. An
hypoelastic soil model was used for this purpose jointly with an approximate integration method that allow to use a linear soil-structure interaction model in the frequency domain. In this SSI model a general beam formulation was adopted to
represent the physical model of the structure and a lumped parameter model was adopted to represent the soil and the interaction mechanisms.
The results obtained suggest, at first, a peak ground acceleration of reference to take into account the non linearity of the soil in the dynamic analysis.

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