Análisis del Campo Magnético en un Motor Monofásico con Espira de Sombra

A. C. Agûero


The paper describes the behaviour of a single-phase induction motor with shading coil to be used in the industry of washing machines, in order to determine design
parameters such as induced current in the rotor in shortcircuit and in the shading coil employing the method of analysis of magnetic circuits by means of finite element in two dimension.
A time variation is first carried out and then a magnetostatic study for a complete modeling of the machine.
You analyze the distribution of the magnetic flux, the variation of the intensity of field H and the density of flux B, for the region between the polar expansions and in
the estaror that forms part of the magnetic circuit. You also calculate strength and torque in order to evaluate the performance of the motor. The simulation outputs are
compared with experimental results obtained, using a modem computarized workbench for electric motors, with a good correspondence.

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