Dynamic Characteristics of 1 and 2 Degrees-of-Freedom Systems Acting as Dynamic Vibration Absorbers on Continuum Systems

Mariano Febbo, Sergio A. Vera


Dynamic vibration absorbers are used to reduce the vibration amplitude of systems near their resonance frequencies. Although its operating principle is easy to understand, its practical use needs some considerations about the coupling between the primary system and the absorber. In this work, the dynamic characteristics of 1 and 2 degrees-of-freedom (DOF) systems acting as dynamic vibration absorbers are analyzed. The discrete structures (absorbers) are added on a beam type structure (primary system) and the frequency response of the compound system is calculated under the variation of some of the absorber’s parameters, for instance: mass, damping, stiffness, location on the beam. Also, the differences between having 2 1-DOF systems and 1 2-DOF systems located at the same positions are analyzed and compared. As a result, we show what type of absorber reveals the best effectiveness on the reduction of the vibration amplitude of a given point on the primary system.

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