Studies for Type -I, Type-II and Type-III Intermittencies

Sergio Elaskar, Ezequiel del Rio, José M. Donoso


There are several topics in fluid mechanics where the intermittency phenomenon appears, such as in Lorenz systems, Rayleigh-Bénard convection, DNLS equation and turbulence. The correct evaluation of the intermittency phenomenon contributes to a better prediction and a proper description of these topics. We summarized here a new method we have recently proposed to evaluate the reinjection probability function for type-II and type-III intermittencies. The new reinjection probability density (RPD) has been observed in the broad class of maps, as we have checked by both numerical simulations and analytical studies. For type-II and type-III intermittencies, we presented a new one-parameter family of functions describing the reinjection probability, being the usual type-II uniform reinjection probability a particular case of our RPD. For the type-III case, a new two-parameter family of RPD has been found from which one can derive the lower bound of reinjection (LBR). By extending the preceding analysis of type-II and type-III intermittencies, we give here a new RPD for the type-I case, from which we also derive the densities of the laminar phase lengths and the new characteristic relations.

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